Loyal Readers

The other day I posted about a couple blogs that I question there reasons for hiding who they are. I want to make it clear I don't personally care who they are I never read there blogs before and won't again what I did read didn't hold my attention other than there posts on why they hide there identity. I said my peace on that a couple posts ago and that's that.

I got a few emails giving me down the road for coming down on these blogs. Gone as far as calling me a bully for trying to get them to say who they are. All I can say is you missed the point I wasn't trying to get these guys to come out and let everyone know who they are all I was trying to do is if you don't want to say or prove who you are then don't talk about.

Don't give people the reason to question you just keep your mouth shut and keep posting. Just cause someone leaves you a comment on who you are don't mean you have to address it or even leave the comment up see that the thing about having a blog its yours and you can do with it as you want that goes for comments also.

Like I said I've been doing this blog for years and I have had readers come and readers go and that's fine but you know the readers I want? The loyal readers the ones that been here from the start or close enough to it they know and remember everything I've said. One's that are not scared to say hey Ryan I disagree with you and here is why.

Loyal readers mean more to me than a passer by reader cause they come back everyday to see what I am doing or saying. The two blogs I question its like this I don't care who they are and people who read them and also read mine have a choice to read or not to read believe what we say or not believe that's why there is a red x in the corner if you don't like it move on.

Hate to sound like a repeater but I don't read there blogs and for those who do then its up to you to decided if your ok with the way the post and if the want to hide its there choice. I have no issues with them as long as they aren't hurting anybody and as far as I can see there not. So those who wrote me them emails saying I was an asshole and bully well kiss this bully asshole!


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  1. Hehehe....personally I am giggling at the thought of you being a bully. Why? Because I know that is so NOT who you are.

    Been here long enough to remember arguements that took place with Scotty (yeah that's going back some years now isn't it?) and never once would I ever say that you were a bully to anyone. These people obviously don't know you at all to say that.

    And what a cute bully butt ;)

  2. Jay ross Says:

    Good for you! I love your posts and find most of them good.

    I also agree with Michael the Shadow - it is a cute bully butt.

  3. ryan field Says:

    Sorry this comment is going to be long :)

    I agree 100%. I don't know how it would be considered bullying to speak the truth. In this sense, I think some people have become a little too politically correct and they use the "bully card" for exploitation. But more than that, I didn't think you posted anything wrong. You mentioned no names and I would imagine most of your readers didn't know who you were talking about. If anyone is being bullied, you are by those e-mails.

    And in the end, the truth always winds up winning. That's a fact that can't be disputed. You keep your blog like many other gay men keep their blogs: because you feel passionate about it and you love it. You have no ulterior motives for financial gain and you're not exploiting anyone. I do the same thing with my blog and it's why I've centered my work around gay fiction.

    I'd like to mention that I know many, many wonderful straight women who write gay fiction and maintain honest, sincere blogs about gay men that contain gay content. I love these women and I love what they write. They keep it just as real as you keep your blog and I keep mine.

    I'd also like to mention that I know many, many straight women who love to read gay blogs and gay books. I've become very close with a few of them and I've come to like and respect them all. And I think these people all respect and like what you do, Ryan. I've known you since you started blogging and I've always been a fan. I always will be, too :)

  4. elise Says:

    hey sweet Ryan---I'm proud to be one of your loyal, long-time readers, and also one of the gay-loving straight women like Ryan F mentioned in his comment.

    If anyone takes the time to really read this blog, and maybe go back and read some older posts, you'll discover a genuine, honest, loving, free-speaking and respectful blogger---and that's why his loyal readers are loyal! And also cuz there are a few cute ass shots now and then!

    big hugs !

  5. mary gresham Says:

    Ryan and Ryan,**waves**!!! I'm one of those straight women who absoultly loves gay romance, along with everything else to go along with it. But, I think the both of you already know that, I'm not exactly shy about it. Ryan F. you know what I went through with one of the blogs, so I'm not gonna go there, except to say, it made me feel foolish. Ryan S., you and I have already talked about it, so you know my feelings and you are not an asshole and I think it's best I stop there ;-)

  6. ryan field Says:

    Mary...I was going to mention you in my comment but wasn't sure it was okay. But I'm glad you commented now :)

  7. mary gresham Says:

    You don't ever worry about mentioning my name Ryan, I have nothing to hide from anyone, just like I said when I came out publically on facebook in my support of gay rights, if they don't like it, they can delete me. I know who my real friends are and they have all stuck around. I have met so many new friends, some through Ryan's blog, one that I have become very close to and you know who you are! Love you both, Ryan and Ryan!

  8. ryan field Says:

    Good for you!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    fine post again. And you are right. Loyalty doesn't mean to agree with everything a friend says or does. True friendship can stand disagreement. Although it's maybe a hard thing: to avoid "cowardice at the friend". :)

    With love,

  10. Gerry Kelly Says:

    I just love a boy in Hanes underwear!