Pearl Harbor 1941 Remembered

This is a post I did a few years ago thought I would repost it another day in USA history we must never forget!

Everyone knows I am a history nut that was my best class in school Today is Pearl Harbor Day. This day we can never forget either. Take time today if only for a second to think about what happen that day and those who died on that day!

You can find out more on Pearl Harbor here National Geographic Pearl Harbor.

Here is a really good link of that day with a story and photos!
Naval History & Heritage.
4 Responses
  1. ryan field Says:

    Glad you posted about it. I haven't seen much today. I think I'm just going to look for a photo.

  2. Very well-done, my friend!!! I love that you put up helpful LINKS, as well! <3

  3. We had a lovely article in the paper here today with three men (almost all were 90 years old now) who were there that day. I'm glad that no one has forgotten December 7th, the day that would live in infamy.

  4. Jay Ross Says:

    I was 5 at the time and what I remember was my mother crying. Mama never cried so I knew it must be bad.