This weekend was great weekend it was Kadin's weekend off so they are always great. Though is seems when he has a weekend off we have a hundred things to do but we always seem to get them done and have a little fun while doing them. This weekend wasn't any different had our errands to run but Kadin wanted to hit some of the goodwill's and thrift shops.

I could tell that some people must have got the income tax checks back cause the stores seemed a little more busy than normally. More kids with there parents than normally also. I didn't mind so much just wish some parents would make there kids mind instead of just running wild all over the place. At this one goodwill we couldn't even get down a couple isles cause kids where on the ground playing with the toys.

This other goodwill we went into we were looking at some stuff this kid bump into my knee thank god I still had my brace on and he looked at me and said move! I look down at him and said what you say to me do you want me to stick this cane up your ass? The kid looked at me with look I just said you better think twice about opening you mouth. He got up and ran over to his mom I guess telling her she gave me a dirty look Kadin look at her and said what?

We get over to grocery store and we were talking about how kids today have no respect for there elders. When I was growing my parents would bust my ass or smack me right in the mouth his I disrespected any adult. Even when I was a teenager I remember one time I spouted off to this old lady and my mom busted me right in the mouth. She said I raised you better than that now go over a apologize to that lady.

In the grocery store this old man I bet was at least 90 if not older pushing this cart he had what we call the walking farts you know the kind that like a machine gun going off. Well Kadin and I noticed him doing but didn't say anything about it. These two girls came walking by and he did it again they were about 14 maybe 15 and they said eww old man your gross go home or go to the bathroom you sicko.

That was it for me I had all I could stand of kids today so I went off on them. I said where is your respect at? I said maybe he can't control that but either way I said you don't talk to him that way he is your elder. I said one day that could be you and I'm sure you don't want someone to talk you like that. The one girl gave me this look and she said excuse me was I talking to you that old guy farted on me!

I said he didn't fart on you he farted as you walked by and any respectable person would have walked on by without saying anything. She said again who the fuck are you to talk to me this way? I said I am someone with respect that's who I am she went on to tell me that I needed to mind my business and how I needed to respect her. I finally said look here you Hanna Montana wanna be you just don't get respect you have to earn it.

Finally as she was walking away she was yelling nasty things at us calling us fags and shit but at that point I knew if I didn't walk away I would have beat her ass with my cane. The old man said thank for sticking up for him he said kids now a days scare him I told him they do me also. This other lady who witness the whole thing also said more people need to stick up for the elderly. I agree 100%!

What happen in America really? I think I know parents stop teaching and stop busting kids asses when they needed it. They got on this time out shit that don't work. I'm not saying abuse kids far from that but a nice ass busting when it is needed never hurt anybody. We need to teach these kids about respect and we need to give it to our elderly they have earn it. I know some old people can be rude right down asswipes sometimes but we need to learn when to turn around and walk away and let them look like a fool for being asswipes.

What say you?
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  1. Damien Says:

    Good for you guys!

  2. ryan field Says:

    You're right on with this one. I've had similar experiences and I don't even want to go any place where I think there might be kids running and screaming.

    Glad you stuck up for the old guy who passed gas. He couldn't help it if he has a gas problem. What was he supposed to do? Stand there and hold it back? Most people would have just walked away and ignored it.

  3. naturgesetz Says:

    You're right about the lack of respect. I don't understand why people think it's okay to humiliate other people, whether it's bullying or the way those girls spoke to the old man.

    At least you gave them something to think about.

  4. mary gresham Says:

    OMG Ryan, you sound exactly like me. I love kids, but cant stand uncontrolled brats, nor can I stand rude teenagers. I most likely.would have said more than you to the little bitch, most especially after she called you and Kadin names. I know they say say sticks and stones ans all that bullshit, but words do hurt and I don't put up with it. While, in the last few months I have learned to control my temper, mainly because of meeting my new friends, like you. I still wont put up with shit like this, ever. Thank you for being you :-)

  5. i agree with you 100%

  6. Ric/Teddytoy Says:

    Ryan, Again I also agree with you 100%. This problem has two main causes .. one you mentioned 'time outs' they NEVER work. the other is the kids today threaten their parents "if you spank me I'll call child protective services on you!" and they do.

    When I was a kid my grandpa had a 5' long x 1/2 " thick leather razor strap on the back of the bathroom door.. he showed that to me once and popped it ... from that day on .. that strap never had to be used. Utill my little brother challenged him on it... my grandpa then pulled my brothers pants down and took the strap and hit the bed next to him... When my brother came to, he apologized and was a perfect angel after.

  7. lauradeth Says:

    I agree with you 100% I wouldn't dare dream of disrespecting an elder because I know my mom would crack me around the earhole regardless of my age.

    I was raised to respect my elders, and that's how I'm sure I'll raise mine.

    I don't even curse around my parents, especially my grandparents and I always use my manners.

    I had a situation like this the other day but it was an old man trying to use one of those passport photo machines, a group of girls where stood laughing as he dropped his change. I snapped at them and proceeded to help the man.

    My brother however is the opposite of me, he has hardly any respect.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I agree, but something said isnt right.

    Whenever you meet someone, you extend respect to each other. It's up to each individual to uphold that respect.

    No one has to earn my respect unless they have somehow lost it.

    And what does a shouting match resolve? It just escalates rhe conflict. Nothing is learned.

    But, i agree there is a lack of civility. Have you noticed how many ppl don't even acknowledge you when you pass them on the streets or hallways? They don't even look at you eye to eye.


  9. Anonymous Says:

    After working in a school for 5 years, I think it boils down to: Parents have abdicated their parental duties from preschool on up, and since the teachers are overwhelmed with teaching to tests, they don't have the time to also teach humanness. It's a real shame.

    Peace <3

  10. WARPed Says:

    Ha ha!!!

    "Hanna Montana wannabe"

    Can I use that?



  11. Lucy/Kat Says:

    I find that now days and I used to be a teenager not to long ago......(I'll be 21 soon)..Respect is earned but upon meeting someone there is a certain respect given freely. Elders need the respect they have indeed earned it from their years of exping life in general.

    Kids today have less respect and more attitude than they do respect. Good for you for sticking to your respect and for sticking up for the older man in the store. There aren't enough people who do that these days.