Mr Asswipe

So I got this email from this guy and I thought at first I would call him out by giving his name and all but then I thought maybe that's what he wants or thinks I would do so I won't do that. So let's call him asswipe so asswipe wrote me and email and told me how much he hated me hated what I stood for and thinks I'm the dumbest queer in the world. He told me before I call it hate he wanted me to know he was gay.

He went on to say that my followers are just as stupid as I was cause yall hang on to ever word I say. He went on to say that he would bet if I told you I ate shit and it tasted good yall would eat it also. He said if I told yall to drink the coolaid yall would cause your that damn stupid. He told me how what I say didn't matter and thought a ass of a cow looked better than I do. He went on to say I was so redneck and wondered how I made it through school.

My question is this if you hate me so much why do you follow me? How come you know so much about me? I mean post that I did years ago he brought up. He also knew stuff I posted on facebook and when I looked for his name on my friends list it wasn't there so he either gave me a false name or he is using one. Don't matter really but to but all that energy into an email to tell me how much you hate me why don't you use that energy for something good.

But I tell you this much mr asswipe the email I could really careless about but tell me that I'm worthless and no count well that pisses me off more than anything. I think everyone who is put on this earth is worth something and counts for something. We may not like every person we come across but that person counts okay even you count you may be an asswipe but you count to someone.

Try to have a nice day and your email really means nothing to me other than if your picking on me your leaving someone else alone!
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  1. elise Says:

    He is not worth even getting mad about, Ryan. He's obviously a troubled and confused person, and I actually feel sorry for him.

    He is wasting his energy on nastiness and negativity, and missing the beauty and joy of life. That includes enjoying your blog, Ryan, which your true blog friends know is one of the good things!


  2. Kathy Minne Says:

    Wow! He sounds envious of you. Do what you are doing... shake it off and keep doing you.

  3. mary gresham Says:

    I agree with Elise, he is not worth stressing over it. He is an asswipe.

    You are one of the kindest, most caring people I know and I am proud to call you my friend, always.

  4. naturgesetz Says:

    I agree with the other comments. Mr. asswipe sounds like a sad, troubled person. I hope he can find something that will bring some joy into his life.

  5. David Says:

    Mr Asswipe if you are reading this I feel sorry for you. I know I'm not the brightest or the sharpest but I would never condemn any one the way you did. You can say what you like about me because I think Ryan is a great person but that is all you know about me so your pretty pathetic to criticise me when you don't know me. Ryan has pretty good "fan club". How big is your "fan club"? With all the people that will say Ryan is a good guy that tells me he must be doing some thing right. I don't agree with everything Ryan says or does but i respect him for what he is trying. I'm proud to call myself a friend of Ryan

  6. Jay Ross Says:

    Unfortunately Mr. Asswipe probably doesn't have one person he can call a friend, It must be a bitch to have to live such a lonely life. And all I can say to you Ryan is I'm grateful to have you as a friend and keep sharing with all of us as we love you.

  7. Jay M. Says:

    Truly amazing how some people are. Ignore them, all of their rhetoric. Why he is so interested in you if he hates you so much? He has nothing better to do - think how sad his life must be.

    Peace <3

  8. Eric Says:

    Ryan...we love you and this moron is not worth even worrying about. I find that those who hate us so much are usually pretty stupid and often they are self-loathing gays. Hugs and don't ever change babe. Asswipe can go fuck himself (he probably does it often!).

  9. Ric/Teddytoy Says:

    Ryan... For some reasoning, beyond my comprehension, there are people who are hellbent on hurting and destroying anything good in the local gay community.
    One guy I know of, is into some really weird and rough stuff, and shortly after that came out, his BF left him and had to move from the area to avoid being hurt. Since then this guy has been doing everything he can do attack every gay related thing he can find. He has been sued and has injunctions against him but he just laughs them off. He gets a thrill out of hurting people either physically or emotionally.
    This is just one example of 'asswipes' .. The best thing you can do is ignore him as that bothers this kind more than anything. They want your attention drawn to them and off anything else.
    You are a very great guy who has decided to share his life with the world. You, whether you know it or not, help many others. Many read your postings for inspiration and to know that they are not alone.

  10. ryan field Says:

    Sounds to me like you gave him the perfect name for this post. He is an asswipe.

    Don't pay any attention to him.

  11. Jason K Says:

    I don't know if asswipe was born this way or if something happened to him along the way to make him like this but he obviously has a lot of bitterness & hate inside of him & probably has a miserable life & is envious of anyone that has a better life than he does.
    You're an awesome person Ryan & we all love you so don't let one dumbass get to you...he doesn't deserve yours or anyone else attention.