Do All Gay Men Like the Same Kind of Entertainment?

My good friend Ryan Field did a post the other and after watching the super bowl I thought I would throw my 2 cents into gay men and entertainment. Make sure you go and check out Ryan's post on this topic but here is mine and it's not much different than his and I may lose some gay points here but I have to honest on how I feel.
Madonna and the super bowl let me cover this first. I thought the show was okay way better than the black eye peas that's for sure but did she really need to Lady Gaga it all up? I mean the whole theatrical crap she didn't need to do. All she had to do was come out sing her songs that we all know the hits and people would have loved the shit out of that. I mean if we wanted to see a theatrical type show we would have went to a drag show.Not all gay men are into all that crap Judy, Liza, Bette were just not into it. Show tunes, Broadway musicals, award shows not into them at all. I do have gay friends that are into that and that's okay that them it's just not me. Kadin loves Lady Gaga I like some of her music but the show crap she does I could do without just get out there and sing that's what I think anyway.

I know there are other gay men out there who feel like I do and just not into all that theatrical crap. People tell me all the time how the hell are you gay when you not into the gay scene? Why does it have to be like that I like all kinds of music but I listen to country and southern rock more than anything. I don't care for new country too much its more pop music than country.Don't get me wrong I'm not hating on anybody or any music I'm just saying the way I feel as I think many others do. If you like them kind of shows then go and have fun but when your doing a halftime show at the biggest football game of the year and your Madonna just get up there and sing okay I would be saying the same if it was Cher okay. If they hired Lady Gaga then I would expect a show.The best super bowl show I've seen so far has been a few years ago when The Who rocked the place now that was a super bowl show! Tune in tomorrow I'm going to talk about my favorite topic nudity!


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  1. mary gresham Says:

    Well darlin, I think you already know, I didn't watch the game, much less the half time show. But, I've heard both good and bad about it. Personally, I don't think I missed much by sitting in front of my computer and watching what I did, which is the same thing I watch every Sunday and Wednesday, a live chat show with porn star austin wilde. So, I think I came out on top of that one. Maybe you should have tried the same thing, I'm sure, just like me, you would have more fun watching that than watching Madonna pretend to be someone else singing her own songs :-)

  2. ryan field Says:

    I'm glad you posted about this, too. It breaks down a lot of the stereo-types about gay men. I thought the halftime show sucked, too. I was all like, "Oh God no, I have to sit through this crap now."

  3. Sara York Says:

    So true. I'm female and not into makeup, high heals and dresses. Why should I be, it's not me. All gay men shouldn't be the same, how boring would that be??? We need the variety and differences in our lives that each individual brings. Be who you are!

  4. Leaundra Says:

    Well anyone who knows me knows I watched the game for the actually game. I've been watching football since I was 8 and my mom got me watching it. I don't shopping for clothes, shoes I'm not girly at all and I hate to cook my husband is the cook. I love hearing about peoples differences because I don't fit the 'woman' stereotype either so it's great to see someone who doesn't fit theirs;-)I never assumed but I like hearing it though, it makes it true;-)

  5. naturgesetz Says:

    I think the judy Garland/Liza Minelli/Bette Midler thing shows that there is *something* about some performers which is more likely to attract gay men than straights. There was an opera singer in the 1950's named Zinka Milanov who was a big favorite of mine. I only learned many years later that she was especially popular with gay men — and I really don't know what it was about her.

    But both of you Ryans are absolutely right, everybody is different. Opera supposedly appeals to gay men, but not all gay men like it; and I liked it before I had any idea I was gay. I don't know why I like Bette Midler and Edith Piaf — could it be a certain kind of tenderness or vulnerability? Anyway, I like lots of different kinds of music and performers, from the Carter family of the 1920's and 30's through Baez and Dylan, 50's pop music, to medieval, renaissance, baroque, Beethoven, and Verdi, etc., etc. Some I like more than others. Garland and Minelli are okay, but a little goes a long way; and Madonna and Gaga don't appeal to me.

  6. Ric/Teddytoy Says:

    I tend to agree with you again Ryan.. In our household the super bowl is known as the stupid bowl. I did see the interview Madonna did with Anderson Cooper Last week. She said she was told that she had to come up with a "grand show" that could be set up, preformed, and taken down in 28 minutes total. The people that hired her wanted something spectacular. It was all her and her crew's work putting that together.
    I did catch most of it and I agree with you I would have liked to see her do more of a tour type show, but for what they wanted her to do it was ok, I guess.
    As far as the stereo-typing of gays.. that is something that the str8 community has come to expect from the things they have seen in pride marches and some of the extreme things some gays do. Some guys love the theatrics and being swishy but the majority of us are like anyone else. We have varied tastes and looks and desires.
    People need to realize that we are like everyone else in many ways, and unique in others.

  7. Jay M. Says:

    I agree whole-heartedly, Ryan! I love country, classic and southern rock, can get by with Cher and Madonna (and prefer they just sing, and with the finger being thrown, that just ruined it as far as I'm concerned, no reason for it except to act like a fool, M.I.A. - your brain was MIA apparently).

    If we lose gay points, then I guess we'll both lose them.

    Peace <3