The Weekend Update

Had a pretty good weekend really couple things pissed me off but that the way life is sometimes. First thing was Saturday morning trying to get the boys up to help clean was a job by itself. I don't know what time they went to bed but I told them they needed to get up Saturday morning and help me clean the house for the super bowl party on Sunday they both agree but Saturday morning came along and the fight was on.

After a little while Max got up but Tyler that was a fight of a different color. I told him to stop yelling cause Kadin was sleeping (for the record Kadin was sleeping cause he work the night shift at the hospital) After fighting for an hour Tyler finally got up but he was a bitch smart mouthing and all it finally came to head and we went off on each other poor Max didn't know what to do he has never seen us fight like this.

But I lost it I told him look I don't want this damn party this is your and Kadin's idea and least you can do is help clean up and clean your fucking room looks and smells like pigs live in there. Course he said it's my room I'll keep it like I want and of course I said that may be but it's my house and I said clean it. He said you know I can move I don't have to stay here and I said well then do it! He said fine I will!

We woke Kadin up with the yelling and he finally said enough all fucking ready! Told Tyler to go clean his room nobody was moving out and told me to come in the kitchen. He said to me you need to clam down really it's just a house I said your the one who is having people over for the super bowl I'm just trying to get things clean before the damn yankees come over. Well that did it the fight was on with Kadin he gets mad when I call his friends from the north that.

I could really be an ass today I what I really feel but trying real hard to be nice. Some people just the sound of there voice drives me nuts there accent I guess you would say and these people do it for me. I want to just grab them and shake them until they say car right. Kadin tell me to stop acting like a southern the war is over. I say yeah it may be but I'm still pissed about it. All in all is wasn't a bad weekend I didn't care for either team but happy that New York one only cause Kadin's yankee friends were wanting the Patriots to win.

Take That!!!!!! hahaha
6 Responses
  1. ryan field Says:

    Sounds like an interesting weekend :)

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    I'm glad the weekend turned out okay.

  3. elise Says:

    sounds like a calm, family meeting is in order, to revisit responsibilities and sharing chores.......good luck...DEEP BREATH!

  4. mary gresham Says:

    Oh lord Ryan, you and Kadin sound like Randy and I. As for Ty, well, he sounds like William. I just told someone today, he is a pig about his room and then gripes if someone tries to clean any of it, especially since he hasn't been here in almost 2 months. The minute Isaid I had someone moving here, he came unglued and even locked the door trying to keep us out.

  5. Jason K Says:

    Sometimes the people we love piss us off & sometimes we have to make sacrifices for the people we long as we still love them and we let them know it, everything will be OK!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Im confused. Funny how a yank like me can like Eli from Ole Miss. and i've had a few friends up here from down south. Never labeled them. So, im not sure where your heads at...