A Few Things

Okay a few thing first the comments now will not show up until I okay them. Sorry I had to do this but for some reason the haters won't stop so for now all comments will have to be approved before they will be publish. Please don't stop commenting cause I do like to see what yall say and until the hate stops I just have to do this.

I'm thinking about doing something special for a couple of the animal shelters that were hit hard by the tornados up north. I thinking about selling a few copies of my drawing it will be unedited of course as long as the bidder agrees to a few rules. I'm thinking about maybe running out 5 of them in like an 8x10 and maybe sighing 2 of them for the highest bidder.

My question is this something yall would bid on? If not that is okay I'll think of something else to do for raising money to help these shelters. Either way let me know okay either leave a comment or email me.

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  1. Jay M. Says:

    It's too bad you have to go to this step, but I understand. Hopefully my posts will be postable!

    You could AUCTION OFF your drawings! Put them on eBay. Just remember that it's hard to bind anyone to "rules" though I can imagine what they would be. I'd probably bid, mostly cause it's a good cause.

    BTW, I can't remember if you had this popup comment window before or not, but you can't subscribe to comments via email using this firm. I think Google screwed the code, but it's sure nice to be able to follow comments. Using an inline form restores this. Just a thought.

    Thanks, dude!
    Peace <3

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    Your decision to have comment moderation makes sense. It's too bad the haters won't give up, but unfortunately that's how it is.

    Being in the closet, I'm sorry that I can't have your picture, so I won't be bidding on it. It would be great if enough people can do it to get a real bidding war started and raise some good money for the animal shelters. You're such a good guy to want to help.

  3. lauradeth Says:

    Depending on my money situation and if you decide to do it, I'll try and put in a bid. I'm a sucker for animals.

    Good luck, animals need all the help they can get! x

  4. ryan field Says:

    I've had to use comment moderation for years now. I can't trust not having it. It's a good idea.

    I'm not sure about the bidding. I'm being honest now. And the only reason is that people usually support their own shelters where they live. I know that's what I do. Charity is a very personal thing and I don't know how it would go over if people are already giving money where they live. And, a lot of people are going through hard times now. I could be wrong, though. It's your decision ;)

  5. Jay Ross Says:

    Here's a quoat I recently saw "Hate is a dead thing. Who of you would be a tomb." by Kahlil Gilbran. Unfortunitly there are a lot of tombs out there and we don't need them .

    Love what you are doing with blog and facebook posts.

  6. Ric/Teddytoy Says:

    Comment moderation is a good way to help control what goes out. It may slow down some when they realize that no one will see their hate.

    As far as the auction ... depending on Josh's medical things .. I'll try to participate.

  7. mary gresham Says:

    Ryan, I completely understand about the comments and wonderd why you hadn't done.it before. Now, about the auction, yes I would bid on it, no matter what it is. I think its a great idea. But, like, Ryan said, a lot of people support their own shelters. Of course, I don't have one to support and the ones closest to me are like 50 miles away, are kill .shelters. So yes, I will support yours, no matter how far it is from me, always.

  8. Ryan Says:

    thinking about this all day and after talking with kadin and a really good friend i think this wasnt such a good idea after all ill being doing a post later to explain.