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I know I haven't posted anything since last week with Nascar at Daytona and the rains and everything that happen over there just didn't have the time and needed a break from it anyway. I do want to cover a few things in this post so I want to say sorry now cause I'm sure I'm going to be all over the place just hope you can keep up.

First let me cover a little on Nascar this Daytona was like a Daytona from hell thought it would never end. There was rain there was fire then there was fog. We didn't get back home until Tuesday I was like a hostage in Daytona I felt like I was never going to get out felt like groundhog day. The 42 car breaking and hitting the jet dryer truck and it blowing up was wow just couldn't believe it.

While I was there I got an email that to be honest kinda worried me and kinda scared me a little so much so my dad thought I should at least report it so I did. The email was over a post I did on here and my comments on facebook about Whitney and Michael. This person said a lot but at the end of his email he said I should watch my back while I was in Daytona cause something bad could happen to me.

So yeah it scared me cause I didn't know what he meant or if he was for real. I believe in freedom of speech that's why I said what I said about Whitney and Michael I stick to it today and will never change my mind about it. But coming out and threaten someone over what they had to say really? It worried me it worried my boyfriend and my family and all most ruined my nascar trip.

I decided after talking with dad that I wasn't giving into fear or giving into this bully. He wasn't going to ruin my trip I waited all winter for the Daytona 500 we were just careful and kept an eye open. Thanks to some friends over there who let us stay with them we felt much safer and was able to enjoy the time there. I just don't get why something I said could drive someone over the edge that they feel the need to threaten me.

It crossed my mind to delete everything that had to do with social media but then I thought if I do this then they win and I couldn't live with myself cause I gave into bullying and I promised myself that I would never give into bullying again. Like I said I did turn in the info I had and I'm working with the proper people to handle this and if someone gets into trouble over it so be it maybe they will think twice about threaten somebody specially over something so stupid.

This kid in Ohio also been on my mind the one who shot the other kids at high school. I've done post on this before when it's happen before and it still confuses me so much. What drove this kid to do this? The others I know had to do with bullying not saying what they did is right but this case seems different and the accuser TJ Lane claims he wasn't bullied and seems to be no reason why he did this.

Could a kid his age have something wrong upstairs? I tell what pissed me off is the media the only pic they keep showing of TJ is the one where he has his head shaved and not shirt on looks like a crazy person but all the other pics even the one from yesterday when he was in court he had hair and looked like a normal kid but the media chooses the worse pic and uses it shame on them.

Don't get me wrong I'm not showing support for TJ and what he did just the media pisses me off most the time. I feel sorry for the kids that died and there friends and family. My prayers go out to them and hope they find comfort. Just don't understand why this keeps happen over and over again? There has to be a better way of controlling these kids from bringing guns to school. Just sad for all that is involved in this tragedy so many lives changed for no reason.

Sorry for being all over the place with this post!
4 Responses
  1. Ric/Teddytoy Says:

    Ryan.. Bullies are always around .. we can't be worried about them because like you said if we were .. they would win.

    That kid in Ohio was most likely a victim of bullying, that doesn't excuse what he did. He was wrong for killing them but if they were the bullies I wouldn't feel so sorry for them. Again they shouldn't have been killed but something has to be done to stop bullies.

  2. mary gresham Says:

    Damn Ryan, I hate that these people always seem to find something to bitch about when it comes to the things you say. I've told you before, they are jealous of you, the way you look, your sexy as sin boyfriend, your life in general. They are the have nots in the world and always want what they will never have, so they turn it into hate and try to scare you. You have the resources to take care of it, so don't ever let them take away something that you really enjoy doing, sharing about your life. Sure, at some point you may decide its enough, but as long as its something you want to do, don't let them spoil it.
    As for the young man involved in the shooting, we may never know what was going through his mind when he decided to take a gun to school and shoot his clasmates. While he should be punished for his crime, he also needs help. There has to be something in his life that caused him to snap and he needs someone to find out what it was.

  3. jimm Says:

    Glad you are all safe.

    Umm... kid from ohio, sounds like he has abandonment issues. From whats been reported, his dad is in jail and is a lifetime women beater. And his mom isnt around.

    Some kids jus dont know how to process all that drama, then they turn to violence. Everybody loses. Sad for all of em.

  4. ryan field Says:

    Glad you didn't let the e-mail spoil you trip.