We Are Family

Family we cant pick them were just stuck with them sometimes. My mom has a soft heart for family. I guess I take after my dad and being black listed by some family members I can turn my back on family or cuss them out real quick and don’t give two fucks after I do it. Yeah I have a reason for this post even though the people I want to see it won’t but if they do read my blog this one is for you.

Yesterday a cousin on mine came into sometime nobody is sure when him and his fat girlfriend. They came to my mom’s house and smelled bad look like they havent bath in a week and ask her for some money for gas said they been in town for a while looking for work. Now this is bullshit the looking for work part my cousin is a big drug head and his girlfriend is too. They didn’t need any money for gas they needed drug money.

Well she invited them in and told them they could shower up and she fixed them some food. She told them she wasnt going to give them any money but would take them down and feel up there gas tank for them. They agree but could still use a 20 to get some things is what they told her. Now she open up her house to them feed them and agree to take them to fill up there gas tank you would think one would be grateful for this but no.

How do they repay her when she went to the bathroom they stole her purse and left a note saying sorry but they need cash not gas. Did she call the police nope she didnt she said she couldnt they were family and they need help with there drug problem. I said they need to be locked and and an ass kicking dad agrees with me in this. But she wouldn’t let us she out trying to find them to talk them into getting help yeah been there and done it with him before and he always walks out of the treatment place.

Family we don’t get to pick them but we damn sure don’t have to keep them in our lives.  
5 Responses
  1. Doug Says:

    your mother is just enabling them more. She should have reported them. Then they may have gotten the help they needed. It is good to have a soft heart but you have to be able to be tough at times.

  2. ryan field Says:

    I know you're right. What they did was wrong. But I have to admit, if I'm being totally honest, I would have done what your mom did.

  3. mary gresham Says:

    I agree with you Ryan. While they do need help, she can't force it on them and no one else can either. Even finding them and telling them they have a choice, get help or go to jail won't help if they are not ready and don't want help. They will go to rehab and will finish it, get out and start using again or spend they're time in jail and do thing.
    You can't help them unless they want to be helped, I know that from experience.
    But, going out and beating their asses won't help either, you will only end up in trouble and that's not worth it.

  4. lauradeth Says:

    Nobody should get me started on this subject.

    My Opa is soft and doesn't know how to say no. My cousin is a massive drug, my Opa lent him thousands of pounds, which he kept secret from my Oma, and landed them in debit. My parents had to lend them money, just so they could surivive. My cousin has not paid a single penny back.

    He's stole hundreds from my dad and my dad has never liked him and this pushed over the edge - I did a blog post on it. So my parents are dealing with debits.

    He takes everything, drug wise and still tries to visit Opa even though we've told him to stay the fuck away and my Opa even after all this happened still let him in.

    I've turned my back on him and I'll do it to anyone who hurts someone I love. Who cares, If they're family.

  5. Agreed you can not choose family,but we can choose who we have contact with..recently had to cut communication with one of my sisters because she constantly complains about not having a life and goes and cheats on her husband..I called her every name from whore to harlot...till this day I do not talk to her and I hope that my brother in law obtains custody of my niece and nephew