In my life I have seen a lot of bulling normally it's from kids sometimes even adults but this past week I've seen bulling in a different light. Some of you may not know but I took a job partime a few days a week at Kmart. Well it's been fun and different and in my short time there I have became somewhat friends with most of the people there. Even the managers have been really cool but a guy was fired last week and the way the way they went about it was all wrong and a form of bulling if you ask me.

Let me explain a little this guy a kid really just 20 the fact he did something wrong was not the issue we agree he did something wrong and being fired was no big deal a lesson learn a steeping stone in his life but the way they did it. Let me set the this up so you can understand why I feel Kmart was being a bully. First off this guy has work there for a year and a half has came in or stayed late when ever the manager ask him hell he did whatever they needed was a good employee like I said he did something wrong and was fired.

This is how it went down the security of the store called him after his shift and when he ask out right am I being fired they said no. Now there was 2 of them and one of him they ask him a bunch of questions and he answer them and half hour later told him he was being fired and told him he had to sign a paper and if he refused they would call the police. He being young and being his second job ever he was scared and sign it. I'm almost sure they broke some laws I told him to call a lawyer and find out.

See I have such an issue with this cause I see it as a form of bulling corporate bulling if you ask me. Am I wrong here? Two big security guards questioning someone and not even a manger in the room to stick up for this kid after all he has done for the and use threats on him to get him to,sign stuff. Not only that but have him work his shift first and then fire him all I know is if this is the way sears runs shit I don't think I want to be apart of it and should walk away now cause I won't play that shit and they wont bully me like that.
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  1. I do agree with you that it's corporate bullying. There SHOULD have been a manager there and in my opinion the manager should have told him he was fired. This is where I have issues with KMart and WallMart and Target. The company doesn't seem to care about their employees to some degree. They know they have most of them over a barrel and THAT is bullying as well. That was right what they did to him making him work his shift and then firing him. They should have informed him right when he did whatever it was (or after they could prove it but right away). That sucks man :(

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    I think this is fairly typical of large companies, especially if there is no union. It's one reason employees need strong unions. The manager is likely to be on the company's side, but the steward will support the employee.

  3. Jay J Says:

    Yes it should have been the managers job. These large companies could care less about people as their only interest is how much they can pocket for themselves. They've ruined many small business. They never have enough help and God forbid they should pay that help a decent wage.

    I don't know what they made the kid sign, but you can bet they never gave him a copy.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yep, exactly like most big companies treat people. You don't say what he did that was wrong, but since security was involved, I can assume he was stealing (I probably shouldn't assume, but security isn't likely to get involved if he was fudging on his time card or taking too long on his breaks or being impolite to customers). That's pretty serious in the retail world. A friend of mine was caught stealing, he was fired on the spot, arrested, convicted and spent some time in jail. Talk about a wake up call.

    There are better ways to fire someone, but if he walked out without handcuffs on, I'd say as bad as it was, it could have been worse.

    I'm not defending how your store's management treated this young man (you can be sure management knew about it), but you can't do "something wrong" and expect the company to be too nice about it.

    I found this about employment laws in Florida: http://paveselaw.com/will-employment-has-limitations-even-florida.

    Remember, there are two sides to every story.

    Peace <3

  5. Jason Shaw Says:

    All companies bully their staff, competitors, local government or town councils and customers at times and in some way.

  6. ryan field Says:

    Sounds like bullying to me. Unfortunately, bullying comes in various forms sometimes and it isn't always easy to prove. And "they" know it.