My Thoughts on the Zimmerman Saga

My thoughts on the Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman trail and aftermath.  First of all I watched most the trail and recorded a lot of it so I could make sure I knew my facts before I ran my mouth. I believe in the system I don't always agree with it but I think it works. Second the state of Florida the state I live in and love had to prove George Zimmerman was guilty of a crime and after watching it I think they failed in proving him guilty and if I was one of the jury I would have voted the same way they did.

Now living in Florida I think we may have heard a little more about the trail and the details of both Martin & Zimmerman and how they lived there lives.  Next I'm sick and tired of the media they have fed most of the people bullshit and everyone ate it. There playing Martin as being this 17 year old boy like he's freaking 11 or something. First off Martin stood 6'2 weight 170 and played sports so he wasn't a skinny frail boy like there saying.

If the jury heard everything I did about Martin and his family they wouldn't have taken so long to reach a verdict. Like the night before the shooting his mother kicked him out of the house for being disrespectful and running with a gang now this is pubic knowledge look it up. There is pics Martin posted 2 days before this happen of himself with now shirt on built like a brickshit house. 

But all people are caught up in is making this a racist thing feeding into the medias bullshit that he was a boy with a bag of skittles and tea. It's funny a 17 year can kill someone and the media plays it up as there adults. Personally I think he was up to no good and I believe Zimmerman when he said Martin jump him.  I know we will never know the truth only 2 people know and one of them is died.

The media and others making Zimmerman to be a racist when he's not he had a lot of black friends and even black family members but cause he shoots a black guy he's a racists. What if they tables were turn and Martin was white would this have even made the news I think not. Hell it's sad that the people in Sanford, Florida are acting better about the verdict than people in other states I think people just look for a reason to riot.

People make mistakes sometimes I know I have and if I had a dollar for every time I was called queer or faggot I would be rich. But when you call a black person a name like the n-word omg your a racist. But they throw cracker around and it's ok it's not a radical word well I say bullshit it is. Now hate on me for this if you want call me a racist if you want but I have many friends of different color who know me and know I'm not. 

I feel bad for both families cause there lives will never be the same the Martins cause they will never know what there son would grow up to be. The Zimmermans cause they will never be able to live safely again. Two families that are torn up by this tragedy and all could have been avoided if the parents of a 17 year old would have made him stay at home after dark. I know my parents wouldn't let me out past 10 at that age. 

People stop feeding into the media bullshit!

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  1. jimm Says:

    Well, Im opposing you. but once Ive had my say, thats it. Im not debating. Im not gonna change your mind and you're not gonna change mine.

    If Zimmerman, the wannabe cop, doesnt stalk this teen, or leaves him be as told by the dispatcher, what happens? Nothing! The cops talk to him. The teen ends up at home and watches the NBA game.

    Now, if poor Georgie gets his head slammed onto concrete, what happens? A few scratches or a few stitches? Hell No!!! You end up spending several weeks in a hospital with a severe concussion!!! Followed by several weeks of therapy.

    And, thru the video, poor Georgie actually gets to testify! Doesnt he??? Without cross-examination!!! Legal yes, but how is that fair???

    The cops, detectives and forensic, how serious did they take this murder? They were gonna sweep it under the rug, and forget about it!

    The jury lacked one key ingredient... common sense.

    The evidence shows that Georgie STALKED Martin, he CONFRONTED Martin, and he shot him DEAD!

    It is at least manslaughter.

  2. Ryan Says:

    All I can say Jim is your wrong and you fed into the media bullshit ill post a pic of Martin that shows he was a punk.
    Read the the facts they speak loud not the media bullshit.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You need to look at this when you are talking about size and weight:

    There has been some false information put out which some people are believing.

  4. jimm Says:

    Whether he was a punk or not doesnt matter. You cant murder someone because he is a punk! Size and weight doesnt matter. You can even take race out of the equation. It does not matter! Who instigated? who stalked who?


    Ok. im done. no more.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I wasn't in the courtroom, and I wasn't on the jury. So I don't know if the prosecution proved beyond a reasonable doubt whether Zimmerman was guilty or not. So I won't engage in an argument, either. We are all entitled to our opinion, based on the media we are fed.

    HOWEVER, in general terms, I find it VERY difficult to believe that someone who disobeyed the 911 dispatcher and confronted someone when he was told NOT TO in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS could be NOT GUILTY of everything. Had that person gotten back in his car, locked the doors, and waited on the police, I think the outcome would have been very different. A teenager, pain in the ass to momma or not, is dead, due to an ego that would not obey the police himself, and he got off scot free (see below to see how "free" he is).

    Pictures of how Trayvon really was are, quite frankly, immaterial, because previous behavior does not come into this. Martin was not on trial.

    Zimmerman, had he simply done what he was told to, as Community Watch volunteers are TRAINED TO DO - NEVER CONFRONT, NEVER DO ANYTHING BUT OBSERVE, Trayvon would have been alive, Zimmerman wouldn't be out a lot of money for his defense (I've read $1,000,000, dunno how you EVER repay that amount of money), and a lot of taxpayer money would have been saved.

    I don't buy the racism crap, any more than I believe that a gun is a proper response to a fist fight, if that is what happened. I am somewhat regularly in a neighborhood where I don't fit in - the projects in my city - on legitimate business. And if I were confronted, I would simply hold up my hands, and ask that 911 be called. That's another proper response.

    This was a case of bad karma, bad judgment, bad decisions, and a huge heap of bad luck. Anyone who thinks Zimmerman got off need only look at the post-trial news, recognize that although he isn't in jail, he might well be worse off - his safety is in jeopardy since people can't accept that the criminal justice system worked as intended in this case, as abhorrent as the decision may be to some (many?) people - not to mention the $1M defense bill (of that is correct, it may be a rumor, so I speak not as if this is fact, I don't have the invoice).

    I feel sorry for all involved. Thank you, Ryan, for your post, and your acceptance of our possibly opposing opinions!

    Peace <3

  6. Ryan Says:

    The thing is everyone needs to understand is Florida is a stand your ground law state Zimmerman did and its cause of the media and cause he was black months later they charged him I call bullshit!

  7. Funny thing about racial people call each other "N****" or "N*****"...White people call each other C******..And in the gay community we call each other "F**s" and "F*****s",or "Q****s"...So on and so forth with other races,but i have yet to hear an Asian call each other Asians racial slurs.Sorry if this was sort of off topic

  8. Ryan Says:

    Funny everyone think George track Trayvon down when the dispatcher told him not too maybe he did listen maybe Trayvon was the one who confronted George

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Hard as hell to confront someone locked in a vehicle when you are only armed with a hoodie, a soft drink and what was it? Skittles? I'd simply drive away if someone at my window was THAT threatening!

    Peace <3

  10. Ryan Says:

    Again your reading to what the media was selling you!

  11. justaguynatl Says:

    Ryan, your post is right on target. I watched the majority of the trial and have followed the case very closely. People are interpreting the facts to fit what they want to believe. They just want to be angry and the media is fueling the fire. It was interesting tonight, the juror who spoke out said they felt the dispatcher encouraged Zimmerman to keep an eye on what Martin was doing. On one hand, he told him not to follow him but on the other, he told him to let him know if Martin did anything. I agree with you 99% (I don't think stand your ground was a factor - it was simply self defense). All this shit about racial profiling is crap. He profiled a suspicious person acting in a suspicious manner. That person just happened to be black.

  12. lauradeth Says:

    First I heard of this was yesterday on the news. To me; when you kill someone in cold blood you deserve to have no life and no right. It's hard to judge something you weren't a witness to. People can riot and spread more hatred by this but it isn't gunna change the verdict. Look, a kid how ever off the rails lost his life and a man who maybe made a bad decision and stay away lost what remains of his life. Just bad luck with a horrible ending.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I think the media blew the whole thing out of proportion. The media tried to make it a racial thing and got the whole country riled up over a local matter. President Obama and all the other politicians should keep out of matters like this.
    I believe in freedom of the press, but only if they print the whole truth, not just what they want you to believe.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    The biggest problem I find is that those who don't understand the verdict in this trial know absolutely nothing about the facts and the evidence in the trial. Trayvon Martin was NOT a child with skittles in his pocket. He was a six foot three inch tall seventeen year old with the body of a full frown man. And when he started banging Zimmerman's head agains the concrete Zimmerman acted on instinct in self-defense. In other words, Zimmerman did NOT intend to kill anyone that night. And there were sworn witnesses that recognized his voice screaming for help. I'd like to see anyone in that position and not fight for his or her own life.

  15. Doug Says:

    I totally agree with you Ryan. The media has so screwed with our minds that a lot of people don't know what to think about this. It comes down to the state failing to prove their case. If the state had done a better job maybe George would have been convicted. We will never know now. The jury did the right thing.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    What a field day for racists and race baiters this fiasco has provided.The hatred some people hold in their hearts is being fueled by the likes of Sharpton and the other leftist malcontents of this nation. This race issue has always been there, it was alive and well long before the Martin/Zimmerman incident. This was just the spark they were looking for, a reason, an excuse to vent their pent up hatreds. Where is Obama? the great uniter? where is his leadership? non-existent! We need to come to terms with racial issues in this country, the racial dissent of the 50's and 60' is still unresolved and the race baitors on both sides are still thriving.

  17. Jay J Says:

    Ryan - It's good to see you posting again. I agree with you totally about the media. Since a person can only believe a portion of what they say or print. Since I wasn't there nor had access to most of what was given as evidence, I won't comment about what was right or what was wrong. But I do want to say it's really good to see you posting again. One of these days I'll get on twitter so I can enjoy more of your posts.

  18. Bill Says:

    Two people's lives collided on a dark rainy night in Sanford Florida. What a story line for a made for TV movie this would make. The media loves this, those that enjoy dissention also love this and democratic liberals are ecstatic about it.

    Minorities and leftist liberals are democratic voters so this will insure a great turnout for them in the mi-term elections. The Zimmerman saga has what they want and need, racial division, hate filled rhetoric, placing the focus on conservative failings. It's all about politics not on the tragic loss of Trayvon Martin's life. The crocodile tears for Martin is just a part of the democratic mantra, one fabricated to generate votes. The facts of this case don't add up to the accusations and assertions being made by the political jackals trying to fire up the masses.

    Most of those protesting this matter don't even know the facts of the casw or what it's about, they are following the narrative being laid out by those who see a self serving advantage in using Zimmerman as political rallying point, he's a scapegoat. George Zimmerman is not a racist, not by any stretch of imagination. He's a wimp that got in over his head with Martin. Martin knew George was nervous and he resented Zimmerman following him. Had he just went home or held back till the police arrived that would have been the end of it but his teenage ego and lack of life experience told him to smack Zimmerman in the face then kick his butt.

    Regardless of the reasons, Zimmerman must have feared he was going to be seriously injured or killed..Bang! George pulled the gun that Martin hadn't counted on and lost his life. That was tragic to say the least but not inspired by race or hate.

    It was was an act of fear. How sad, one life gone the other life forever scarred. a tragic event that only the two will truly know why and how but there was certainly not enough evidence to charge or convict Zimmerman with murder or manslaughter under Florida statutes and they knew it but the political vultures saw a vote gathering possibility in this. A 17 year old black youth and a power crazy white guy with a gun. But it wasn't that way.

    I think the black community should start channeling their outrage and anger towards Chicago where they have the toughest gun laws in the country along with the highest murder rate of young black men. Eric Holder, take your political commentary to where it's really needed, not Florida but Chicago and LA. We really don't need you fanning the flames in Orlando, Florida.

    As I said, it's all about politics not on Trayvon Martin's death. It was no mistake that six women who heard the evidence and agreed, that the great state of Florida failed miserably in trumping up a deficient case against Zimmerman.

    The hype and shouting will soon die down, the demonstrations will subside and Holder will not indict George Zimmerman, he has no case here, none whatsoever, but the political maneuvering will continue because they see votes for their cause, this you can be assured of.

    Maybe it's time for demonstrations in Obama's backyard or in Detroit. There certainly are enough young blacks dying there from street crime.

    All that's been accomplished by these bigots and race haters is further division among people in the country. It's time to reject rhetoric that incites people and talk about what we can do to come close together,

    Hmmm..maybe we should ask God to sit in on some serious race related discussions, he might be able to offer a few pointers.

  19. Trialwatch Says:

    In Georgia,four African-American teenagers beat a 36-year-old white man as he left a gas station convenience store. While trying to escape, the man stumbled into the middle lane of a highway where he was struck by a car and killed. The four are charged with felony murder, aggravated assault and violation of the Georgia Street Gang Act. The incident occurred two weeks ago, but I have seen no national media coverage over it..?

    As defense lawyers noted after the Zimmerman verdict, the loss of any life, especially a young one, is a tragedy, but tragedy and race were not on trial in Sanford, Florida. Putting all extraneous considerations aside, the jury of six women was asked if there was sufficient evidence to convict Zimmerman of murder or manslaughter. They found there was not. This then, becomes the rule of law, our nations law.

    The Justice Department says it will look into the shooting death of Martin to determine if evidence in the case "reveals a prosecutable violation." This may turn out to be more of a political decision than one based on facts. It's more likely to perpetuate the media narrative of blacks as victims and whites as descendants of slave masters.

    What helps keep us divided is our propensity for labeling and categorizing. Certain behaviors and language are tolerated, while others are not. Some people can get away with offensive statements while others cannot. Some faiths can be disparaged while others are insulated from criticism. What is needed is one standard. One national identity. One America. We're not there yet and have a long way to go, there are more Zimmerman-Martins incidents ahead for us.

    Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Trayvon Martin's family, compared Trayvon's death to those of Emmett Till and Medgar Evers. Any attempt to turn Trayvon into a civil rights martyr similar to Till and Evers. This ludicrous statement goes well beyond the apples and oranges analogy. Gven our never-ending racial double standard. As both sides have noted, there are no winners in this case.