Love or Something Like it

I wanted to tell a story of two friends of mine. See they were both lonely and have never met each other so I thought it would be a good idea if they did. One is young in his 20's the other is in his late 30's but to me age was never a issue as long as the two people are of age and okay with it. These two had a lot of things in common and I thought they would be great together.

So my plan was to get them together first I talk to them separately and told them about each other told them there ages to make they were both okay with that. Finally showed each other pictures to make sure that there was something there and to see if they wanted to meet each other. They both agreed so I gave each of them the info so they could chat, text and meet each other.

They talked online for a while seem like things were going great and they were going to meet but soon the younger guy was coming up with reasons why he couldn't. So my older friend called me and told me what was going on and didn't think the younger one was really interested in him but thanks for trying. I was confused cause I thought he was all he talked about was being lonely and wanted someone who would love him forever.

So I called him and ask him what was up if he didn't like him it was okay but why lead the guy on. He told me he met some friends and they were porn stars and he really thinks that's what he wants to do and having a boyfriend just didn't fit into his plans. This really confused me cause all he ever talked about was falling in love and being with the same guy until he dies and now he wants to be a porn star.

Well he's doing it he has made a few porn movies and moved to California to be a bigger porn star I haven't talked to him in a while last time I did he was too busy to talk he was with his new porn friends. Don't get me wrong I love porn and y'all know that but I think it's for some guys but not all. I just don't think this for him and or day he will wake up all alone and think about the life he picked.

My other friend well he had a happy ending I set him up with another friend and there is an age gap between them also but two years and there still going strong and there so much in love. Not sure why I wanted to share this story I just did maybe it ill help others out there thinking about doing something there not sure about.
3 Responses
  1. naturgesetz Says:

    I suppose for the young guy it was about the money and the supposed glamor. Neither is likely to last very long.

  2. Jay Ross Says:

    Ahh to be a star. I was offered a chance to be in porn and that was in the 1960's and being gay was considered a criminal offense. At the time I had a good job that paid well. I've never regretted turning the porn offer down.
    I've noticed a lot of porn stars are dying lately and they are only in their forties. And at forty they are probably too old. I wonder how safe it is these days.

  3. surakmn Says: the young guy our mutual friend? I wish him every success but worry a little bit as well. You're a good guy watching out for those you know and care about. It's an interesting story to follow.