Sex we love it can't get enough of it well least I can't. I've done posts before about sex and about my sex life but it always seems something happens that I feel I have to write another post about sex. Last night I was at a pool party and had a good time and yes there was sex going on but there was one guy there maybe 20 years old and was letting guys fuck him without protection.

This bothers me so much no I'm not an angel there was a time in my life I was stupid mainly cause I had a drinking issue and I made a few bad calls and wasn't safe but thank god it didn't come back to bite me in the ass. Now I am always safe don't matter if I'm catching or receiving it's wrapped up or there won't be any sex going on.

Now with Riley cause we been together for well over a year we don't but that's only cause we both been tested many times. But when we first got together we used condoms. Last night I tried to talk to this kid but he dint want to hear it said he likes being fucked and likes it raw. I told him all it takes is one guy and it could cost you your life he said we all have to die sometimes.

I know he had at least 5 different guys on the pool deck last night and none of them wore protection I'm thinking what the hell is wrong with theses people. I know they were thinking a hot young piece of ass but what if that hot ass gave them something? Listen guys it's not worth it if you let a guy in there make sure he wraps it up.

I love sex and I do it almost everyday but it don't mean that you can't be safe. So wrap it up or have the guy doing you wrap it up stick around and have all the sex you want just be smart. Make sex fun and enjoy it!
4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yup. Be safe. Or be stupid.
    Safe does NOT reduce the fun or feelings!

    Peace <3

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    What you say makes good sense.

  3. justaguynatl Says:

    Common sense. Some people got it, some don't. It gives a whole new meaning to young, dumb, and full of cum... It's cool you reach out to them though :)

  4. Alec Mavier. Says:

    This is why I've been living with HIV for the past 4 years. And I'm only 25 years old. What a waste.

    I was young and having fun but I wasn't playing safe and I didn't really care. I paid for it and it makes me sad that so many others are not learning about what they're opening themselves to.

    It only takes one guy, one drop, one simple, quick mistake and your life will change. Now I surround myself with people who aren't willing to risk mine or their own health.

    My boyfriend is really respectful. We still attend sex parties but condoms and dental dams are always used and everyone knows my status.

    People really need to start looking after their own health because if they don't, who will.