I Was Fired from Kmart

So yeah I was fired from kmart a few weeks ago and I really don't care but need to write about and let everyone know how they treat there employees and why I feel this company is losing money and closing stores all over the place. First let's tall about the firing I'll explain what happen and why they said they fired me over it. Let me sit it all up and if I'm wrong please don't be afraid to to tell me I was working the garden center that night and running the cash drawer for that area this lady came in and ask me where in the store where the respectables located she explain she just got out of the hospital and has a bad leg.

I ask if she would like me to get them I told her I could get a chair down sit it by the cash register and she could tell whoever came out I would be right back. She said that's okay if I could just point the way she would get them cause she needed a couple other things I said okay told her where they were and pointed her that way. About an hour later she came back out and I was waiting on another customer and she was waiting her turn when the customer I was with finished his transaction the cash register locked up. I was able to get his change but this out of date by 20 years computer stop working and it's an ongoing problem that Sears corporate don't want to fix.

So it's the lady's turn an I explain to her that the cash register is locked up I need to restart it and it could rake up to 10 minutes sometimes she went crazy on me. At first I told her there was nothing I could do that its a piece of shit computer. She said that's unexpectable and I need to get a manager out there I said that's fun but they wouldn't be able to do anything until the computer was back up. She then said stop making excuses you little shit and call your manager by then I'm getting pissed and told get you don't gave to cuss me you old hag. Well that really set her off and it was on from there yeah I said some bad things to her as she was saying bad things to me.

The manager did come out as we were still yelling at each other she said she was going to call the police on me (the lady) cause I scared her and I was like call them bitch cause they won't do anything there is no law that says I can't cuss you like your cussing me. The manager ask me to step outside and I did she took care of the lady and she left the manager said she understood and she had to do a report but thought I was right. This is the night manager but the day manager who us the store manager guess seen it different. He also did a report and Sears corporate also was involved with it and they said I broke policy and should have walked away from the crazy lady.

Well a week or so ago a friend of mine who still worked at kmart called me to tell me he was fired cause a customer was yelling at him and he walked away from her she went to the manager and told him and the manager fired my friend cause he walk away. Seems like they can't figure out what the hell they want. I didn't walk away and stood up for myself and gift fired my friend walk away from a customer yelling at him and got fired. So Sears corporate what the hell is it cause you can't have it both ways. Now I know Florida is a no fault state but saying that you can't have it both ways just to suit you. No wonder your a failing company you treat your employees like shit!

Speaking of failing company I don't know who is worse these stores that are open Thanksgiving day or the people shop at them Thanksgiving day. Companies like kmart and target who told there employees you will work on Thankgiving or be fired now that's bullshit! I have no respect for places like that or people who go there and shop on the holiday do you think them people want to be there no they don't they want to be home with there families. What is one day really so I'm asking any of you who read this please don't do any shopping on Thanksgiving day if we all would stay away then next year they wouldn't have any choice but to close next year think about it!

I'll do another post soon on this company and the other faults they have.
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  1. I don't go to Kmart, or Wallmart. Yeah, I will shop at Target, but NOT on Black Friday or friggin Thanksgiving. Only store I *might* go to is the grocery store if I forget something.

    And NO ONE has the right to yell at a cashier regardless. Can't believe that they fired both you and your friend for not being able to make up their corporate minds. sheesh!

  2. Jay M. Says:

    I understand how easy it is to lose your cool with people who are just out of control. I have done it, too. Corporations are generally pretty incapable of making, explaining, and sticking to any sort of customer service policy because there are way too many variables, and for sure, there is no animal dumber than the general public.

    Hope you find something quickly to make up the lost income!

    Peace <3

  3. jimm Says:

    People still go to kfart????

  4. lauradeth Says:

    Wow, that is a complete fuck up on their part!

    My bosses move the goal posts constantly, they say one thing, we do it, and then they say something different without telling us and we end up looking idiots in front of clients because we weren't told.

    We don't have thanksgiving here, but many, many people over here in the UK work holidays because it's extra money. I almost agreed to work Christmas day this year because it's double pay and I need the money but I chose to have it off and work other holidays (Xmas eve, boxing day and New years day) to make up the money.

    So I understand people working on the holidays, and I also shop on the holidays (however most places are closed) if I desperately forgot something and go to ASDA (UK's Walmart). I think people work and buy for different reasons, but I do think holidays should be spent at home not at work and still get paid for that day.

  5. D.R.Carrero Says:

    I worked for kmart as well in the past. Its not the best place to work at ( right behind walmart, atleast in my opinion). Seasonal is alright if you can handle all the crazy upper management and others who have no idea what they are doing and blame you for their mistakes. I don't shop there anymore because I would rather put my money elsewhere, like mom and pop shops or some place more local. I rarely shop at walmart anymore.

    Hope you find a new job ryan! I know you can with your awesome attitude and personality. Your a great guy and if they cant see the value of you as an employee, then that is their loss. Your worth more then their bullshit excuses.

    Love & peace always my friend
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  6. It really sounds like you both could have a law suite against the old crazy lady & K-mart for harassment, I damn sure would look into it, because if it turns out that this lady is doing this to just about everyone then that is call harassment, plus it sounds to me like they done this so y'all wouldn't get y'alls unemployment, let me know if y'all need some legal help, I know of a few people

  7. Anonymous Says:

    That's nothing, I got fired for listening to my boss and doing what I was trained to do in layaway from the very beginning. Keep in mind, they fired my boss too, but I guess that wasn't enough, they had to fire me to.