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First day on the job was great I think I'm gonna like it. Had to learn there system but it wasn't hard and they were surprised on how fast I learned and what I knew. I have to credit that to working with Mom at her business back home. They were really happy that I was there on time honest half an hour early I even had coffee ready when the others showed up. Another good thing is they don't mind if you check your email or social networks as long as your work is done and there's no customers. Speaking of the hot guys coming in and out damn I love the construction workers haha.

All the people that work there are very cool and don't have an issue with gay people there are a couple that work there besides me. A women and a man both have partners so there is no issues with being gay and that's a plus. Working at a plus where you can't be yourself is always good I don't mean you throw it in people's faces that to me is rude but you don't have to hide it either if someone ask you have a girlfriend and I can say no I have a boyfriend. That is the way it should be all over just think if people live and let live how wonderful a world this would be.

This brings me to another topic on a blog I seen yesterday I'm not gonna name it for this blogger is one of my favorites and we always say were siblings from a different mother cause we think so much a like. It was a comment on this blog and one commenter say something was so gay I don't know if they meant it as a joke or what I'm sure it wasn't meant as hate. Either way saying it was wrong no matter how it was meant I said something about it and another commenter was like gay isn't a bad thing I agree it's not but saying something is so gay is a bad thing. It hurts people feelings and young gay people come hear this and it can do damage. So people just stop it saying something is so gay is not cool haven't you seen the commercials on TV about it?
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  1. ryan field Says:

    Glad you're liking the new job. It sounds like a great place to work.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I was in a local shoe store the other day and a woman was there with her maybe 12 year old son. He picked out a bright pair of Nike's that he liked and his mother said real loud, "those are too Gay put them back now!" Others in the store snickered. It made me feel like doggie dodo. I wish we lived in a free country where everybody is treated equal. ed

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I'm so glad you're loving the job
    and you don't have to hide...
    Makes for a better work day and
    it also makes ya wanna do a good

    I LOVE these commercials!!! I
    really love the one with Hilary
    Duff when she says 'THAT'S SO GIRL
    crack up!!! When I hear children
    at school say 'THAT'S SO GAY' I
    say 'THAT'S SO (insert childs name
    here)' it stops them...I've also
    stopped a couple of kids from
    using the word FAG...Ya gotta get
    the point across that name calling
    is not tolerated...

    Alright...I'll stop now...



  4. So glad to hear you like your job sweetie and I had no doubts you would do great from the start!

    As for the person making the comment, well i'd like to say it was a joke as he has a twisted sense of humor and you never know WHAT he will say but sadly I don't know.
    I know I have said something to my young nieces/nephews who had a bad habit of saying "that's so gay". They quickly realized it was the WRONG thing to say and why.
    I am trying my best to teach Maddie love,acceptance or at least tolerance for all.
    It's a tough row to hoe sometimes!

  5. ryan field Says:

    I remembered something I wanted to add here. I had a townhouse once and it was a very straight place. But my next door neighbor was an older gay guy. He used to decorate the outside each year for Christmas. One night, when I was coming in from work, I heard the other next door neighbor's kid say to his father, "Look at the red lights, Dad. That's so gay." He was talking about my gay neighbor's decorations. I never told my gay neighbor this, but I was so pissed I sold the townhouse in spring and moved somewhere else. I figured that wasn't a neighborhood I wanted to live in.

  6. Hehe, having fun on the new job already. Lucky... construction hehe