I'm Thankful

A little Thankgiving post there are many things in my life I'm thankful for. Like my family, my boyfriend, and my friends. I've grown so much from the day I started blogging many years ago so of you have been here since the start and I thank you for that some of you are new and I'm thankful for you come to check my blog out. I know some don't agree with everything I do and that's okay we can't always agree on everything but when we don't we can agree to disagree without hating each other and I'm thankful for that.

So on this Thanksgiving Day I'm thankful for all of you and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Love & Peace!

My Thoughts on Ferguson

After my posts on Facebook and Twitter I said I would do a post on my thoughts and feelings on Ferguson. I'm not asking people to see it like I do everyone has there own thoughts and that's fine this is mine. Everyone is free to comment on this post I enjoy to see how you feel on this topic. 

My feeling is this I feel the grand jury got it right by not bringing criminal charges on this officer for doing his job. First of all I'm sick on the media calling Michael Brown an unarmed teenager they make him sound like a week little 13 year old kid. When he wasn't he was an 18 year old man that was over 6 foot tall and 300 pounds so calling him an unarmed teenager to make him sound like a victim is bullshit! 

Next he robbed a store and acted like a thug to the owner of the store when the store owner confronted him. If he was this little unarmed teenager as the media keeps saying he should have had his ass at home instead of stealing cigars and fronted on a store owner. Next when an officer of the law gave him a command follow it it would have stopped there but no he tried to thug his way through the officer and got shot. 

What pisses me off is this the people of Ferguson is playing the race card to make it okay to loot, start fires and just raise hell this is what they wanted. Not only the people of Ferguson but in other cities who are protesting this. Look at it this way change the story white kid black cop white kid stole something didn't follow the officer command then tried to steal the officer gun hit the officer and the officer shot him you think it would be in the news? Hell no it wouldn't and if it was we would said that dumb ass white thug got what he deserves. 

So I'm sick and tired of the race card just cause people think something didn't go right. Please I'm gay and I don't have the same rights as you but you don't see me pulling my rainbow card. I live the best I can and I follow the law I don't have money but I don't go out and steal shit. I don't want the cops bothering me so I keep my nose clean yep it's that easy. So you people out burning down your town for what cause your stupid that's why you was looking for a reason and this is as good as any. 

What's a shame is the people who own these business you burn down the people you but out of work cause you burnt there job down. How stupid us that? I feel sorry for these people and I hope they had insurance and I hope they don't rebuild in your community cause honestly you don't deserve to have them in your community. Bet you didn't think about that when you was out ripping and burning down your town. 

So over the dumb shit! 

I Was Fired from Kmart

So yeah I was fired from kmart a few weeks ago and I really don't care but need to write about and let everyone know how they treat there employees and why I feel this company is losing money and closing stores all over the place. First let's tall about the firing I'll explain what happen and why they said they fired me over it. Let me sit it all up and if I'm wrong please don't be afraid to to tell me I was working the garden center that night and running the cash drawer for that area this lady came in and ask me where in the store where the respectables located she explain she just got out of the hospital and has a bad leg.

I ask if she would like me to get them I told her I could get a chair down sit it by the cash register and she could tell whoever came out I would be right back. She said that's okay if I could just point the way she would get them cause she needed a couple other things I said okay told her where they were and pointed her that way. About an hour later she came back out and I was waiting on another customer and she was waiting her turn when the customer I was with finished his transaction the cash register locked up. I was able to get his change but this out of date by 20 years computer stop working and it's an ongoing problem that Sears corporate don't want to fix.

So it's the lady's turn an I explain to her that the cash register is locked up I need to restart it and it could rake up to 10 minutes sometimes she went crazy on me. At first I told her there was nothing I could do that its a piece of shit computer. She said that's unexpectable and I need to get a manager out there I said that's fun but they wouldn't be able to do anything until the computer was back up. She then said stop making excuses you little shit and call your manager by then I'm getting pissed and told get you don't gave to cuss me you old hag. Well that really set her off and it was on from there yeah I said some bad things to her as she was saying bad things to me.

The manager did come out as we were still yelling at each other she said she was going to call the police on me (the lady) cause I scared her and I was like call them bitch cause they won't do anything there is no law that says I can't cuss you like your cussing me. The manager ask me to step outside and I did she took care of the lady and she left the manager said she understood and she had to do a report but thought I was right. This is the night manager but the day manager who us the store manager guess seen it different. He also did a report and Sears corporate also was involved with it and they said I broke policy and should have walked away from the crazy lady.

Well a week or so ago a friend of mine who still worked at kmart called me to tell me he was fired cause a customer was yelling at him and he walked away from her she went to the manager and told him and the manager fired my friend cause he walk away. Seems like they can't figure out what the hell they want. I didn't walk away and stood up for myself and gift fired my friend walk away from a customer yelling at him and got fired. So Sears corporate what the hell is it cause you can't have it both ways. Now I know Florida is a no fault state but saying that you can't have it both ways just to suit you. No wonder your a failing company you treat your employees like shit!

Speaking of failing company I don't know who is worse these stores that are open Thanksgiving day or the people shop at them Thanksgiving day. Companies like kmart and target who told there employees you will work on Thankgiving or be fired now that's bullshit! I have no respect for places like that or people who go there and shop on the holiday do you think them people want to be there no they don't they want to be home with there families. What is one day really so I'm asking any of you who read this please don't do any shopping on Thanksgiving day if we all would stay away then next year they wouldn't have any choice but to close next year think about it!

I'll do another post soon on this company and the other faults they have.

People are Strange

I've never understood why  people choose to follow someone on here or one of the other social networks just to send them hate mail or leave nasty comments. I mean are there lives so boring it's all they have to do? I know when I first started blogging I had a lot of followers a lot of people would comment and mist of them were great comments but others just came to spew there hate. Hell at one time I even had Fred phelps crazy people following me and leaving there hate comments I k ew then I made it to the big time.

I stopped blogging got bored with it I think so I focus more on facebook and Twitter most of you follower over there and with age I open up more about my life and my body wasn't afraid to show it. I went through a couple boyfriends and for the most part was open about them also. I've been with Riley know for a few years now and we have a different kind of relationship than I've been in before. We're open to different things as long as we both agree on it and yes that's means bringing people into are sex lives.

I've been open and posted about it on Facebook and Twitter but the other day I posted about a friend of Riley's that come home from work with him and we both agree to some fun with him. His name is James and he knew going into it what we wanted and we knew what he wanted and it was a fun night for all of us. Here's the problem I posted about it on Facebook and I got an email from someone who called me a slut and a few other words and told me how I disgust him. I was like what the fuck why is the ass following me for if I disgust him. I just don't get people!

A LIttle Rusty

It's been a while since I've been in blogger land. I used to love blogging hell there was a time I would write 2 or 3 times a day. I have to say it was fun I meet a lot of people over the years even haters who followed and just love to comment. Something happen and I just lost total interest in it but lately I've been missing it and thought I would pick it up again. So I will try to blog more and not leave everyone hanging between posts. So if anyone has any questions from the past that I left unanswered on here just ask and I will do my best to bring you up to date.

Let's see im still with Riley still working as a cabana boy and partime at Wells Fargo. I got fired at kmart and I'll do a post about that soon cause I'm still pissed over that. I need to start looking for a new plCe to live cause the condo were living was sold and they told us that when are lease is up in January we had to move. I'm happy about that cause I didn't care for this place anyway. Just its a money issue but somehow I will make it work I always do. Well I guess that's about it for now so keep checking back I'll be posting more!

Miss Me

Ill be back blogging soon!